I made a set of videos based on a LingQ Mini-Story

I’ve been making comprehensible input YouTube videos for English learners, especially those who are total beginners. The idea is that learners can just watch them, understand them, and start to pick up English from them, without study or translation, no matter what their first language is. I use a lot of visuals and other non-verbal communication to make them highly understandable, along with a lot of meaningful repetition of language.

I like the LingQ Mini-Stories so I decided to try turning the English version of the first mini-story, “Mike is a Cook”, into a comprehensible video. I ended up making three videos based on it.

For the first video ( Mike is a Cook (LingQ Mini-Story 1) | Simple English Stories with Easy Questions for ESL Beginners - YouTube ) I recorded the text of the story and set it to visuals, trying to match them as much as possible to each word. The video starts with the story told from a third-person perspective, then the first-person version, then the questions part, all with very slow speaking. Then I present the third-person and first-person versions again at a faster pace.

In the second video ( Mike is a Cook (LingQ Mini-Story 1) Vocabulary | Easy English Comprehensible Input for ESL Beginners - YouTube ) I retell the third-person story and go over the visuals again with a screen recording of the slides and video of me. I explain the story and vocabulary used and provide examples to help learners understand the words better.

In the third video ( Mike is a Cook (LingQ Mini-Story 1) Extra Questions | Understandable Basic English for ESL Beginners - YouTube ) I retell the story as in the question part, but this time with many more questions and different kinds of questions for each sentence of the story, again setting the questions and answers to visuals.

One of my goals with the videos is that many beginning English learners can easily get the meaning of many of the words without translation, based on the contexts in which they’re presented, figure out grammar like how questions are asked in English, and be able to start to pick up many words and grammar from hearing them used so much.

I would be interested to see videos like this in other languages. I’m not sure yet if I will do videos of other mini-stories as making this one was quite time-consuming, and at this point I’m trying to make a lot of different kinds of English comprehensible-input videos for my channel to see what English learners like and find useful. I wanted to see though how one of the mini-stories would work in the form of a video, and whether people would find it helpful for learning English.


Great work!

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Very inspiring!

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I’d like to have this for the languages I study! But it seems to me an enormous piece of work to make this.

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