I made a language exchange site!

I think LingQ is the best site to learn language. I got points in LingQ and had some conversations with tutors, but I need language exchange with not only tutors but also learners.

My native language is Korean and I am studying English. I want to learn more foreign languages, so I made this site. Please visit this site. I’d appreciate your feedback on this site.



it seems a good site,thank you for creating it. It’s really a good work
Just try to improve it!

Thanks. There is a temporal server error, so you cannot access it for now.
But I will fix it ASAP. Please visit later. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, I think the site looks really nice and I like it!

great Job. This website looks great. And may be improved also, keep it on…I’ll join it

I glad to join the members of your site. I think It’s a very good Idea for make а new friends of all around world.I like this way for conversation with other people from different countries.