I love x. please bring back x

first of all: loving the new look. thanks guys!

when i revise my vocab using flashcards and don’t get the word right, the ‘x’ no longer works as a shortcut and i have to manually press the red button with my mouse. has x fallen from grace? has a new key taken over from x while x is being punished and/or re-educated? i’m panic-stricken. moving my hand that one extra centimetre to click the red button is exhausting. i may need to be hospitalised if i attempt too many flashcard sessions :frowning:

Oops! (no pun intended)
We added another shortcut key for this - “Esc”, but the x key still supposed to work. We’ll get this sorted out soon! :slight_smile:

esc works a treat. thanks!

Actually, x will no longer work. It was changed to esc so as not to confuse it with status x. Thanks for noticing! :wink: