Hello Everybody

I Looking for people to chat or talk in english. I am an upper intermediate level learner, so I would like to talk with people with the same knowledge or better than me. If you are interested please let me know your skype´s contact in my wall.

Thank you in advance for your support



hello edmundo. i think you are just what i looked for :slight_smile:
i’d like to chat to you on skype. i’m intermediate like you.
but about time .you tell me when you’re free and i’ll tell you.
and then we can speak …

add me if you wish: yuriythebest1

yuri… i think our friend is not often online.
so what do you think ??? :smiley: I 'll add u and if we catch we speak .
earg that is for u too …

Hi enller and yuri

Sorry for my late reply, unfortunately I have been very bussy with my job and I have not had much free time this week… If you are interested yet, below i will left my Skype contact in order to chat. I live in Venezuela South america, We have to decide how and when we are going to talk maybe on nights is the best time, please let me know your comments, thanks. On other hand, I would need to know how many hours of difference we have between your countries and my. I supose that this difference, at least, it should be around 4 hours. Could you please confirm me that, please?

The other option that we can handle is talk on weekends, I have more free time on Weekends and it would be much better for all, talking on weekends, are you are agree?

Sorry i forgot include my skype contac

here you are




My skype is falarodrigo.