I Know All


Now, I know that people often post somewhat petty questions here, and I don’t want to join their ranks, but I wonder; how have you all been finding the “I Know All Function.” Obviously this is indispensable, both because it’s a pain to manually “know” all words, and because you need to “know all” for your lesson to count as completed. However, I’ve had some problems with it recently…

Just to experiment with the accuracy of the tool, I manually added all the words in a French article, so that no words were in blue (just a few LingQs, in gold). However, rather than “new words” being zero, it was 5. Furthermore, when I clicked “I know all,” it added nine new words to my “known words.”

While this is a small problem comparatively (9 words out of 500), it does seem that if there is this problem every lesson, the known words count is a bit flawed. So Mark, and the LingQ team, how is the “known words” total calculated/how can it be fixed?

Thanks a lot,


There do seem to be some minor issues with the consistency of the New Words/Known Words calculations. We will look into this over the next little while.