I just wanted to take a moment and say how grateful for Lingq

Thank you Mr. Kaufmann and all the folks at Lingq for giving us this wonderful language learning method. Like many, I was uninterested in using “Tourist Tools” as my starting point in language learning. My desire to learn was always there, but I found myself easily bored and putting my studies down for a while. Also, I knew the classroom wasn’t working because we all know those that have taken multiple years of classes without any progress. I’m still not very far along but I see constant, measurable progress. Being able to at least get the gist of a lesson or podcast on Lingq is very exciting. Reading, noticing and absorbing the language is the way for me. My son was a late talker, not really speaking at all to he was four years old. But when he started, he was speaking in complete sentences. He had been listening and absorbing. Makes so much sense to me. Thanks again for this wonderful program. Best money in language learning I have EVER spent. Paul Oswalt


Agreed. I have felt this way for about 5 years. I know there are many talented polyglots who don’t study this way, and they are extremely successful. I myself began and was quite successful as Spanish before learning about it. However, I just feel like the days before LingQ were the Dark Ages of language learning.

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I am going to have to agree with this also, my Spanish has improved Massively and I get told quite frequency as to how good my Spanish is and this is all from Lingq. I am interested to find out what my level will be like once my known words has doubled.

Same here! Lingq have reinforced my love for languages. It´s the opposite of what I’ve experienced in schools where it seems they just want to destroy our natural curiosity to learn anything, languages in particular. Even though I’m a lazy learner as Steve has mentioned because I don’t write, review vocabulary or study grammar frequently, I’ve noticed constant and strong improvement thanks to this wonderful site.

This is honestly one of the best resources out currently. Even though I did extremely well in my language classes in High School, and came out knowing a decent amount and some level of fluency, my level would have never vastly improved if I didn’t use LingQ. It is the one site that I know I will come on everyday.

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