I just want to downgrade my account


I want to downgrade my accountto free, but it’s to annoying. I cannot find out how to delete all importet lessons at once.

Please delete them and downgrade my account. If that’s not possible, delete my account.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, there should be a button for easy downgrading containing a message like “Are you sure you want to downgrade? You will lose all of your imported lessons.” In this way, members can upgrade later rather than get irritated and quit the site out of frustration.

@jxano - There isn’t currently a way for members to delete all their privately imported lessons at once, but we’re happy to help with this. Please confirm that you would like your private imports removed and we will go ahead and clear them for you so that you can downgrade.


I’ve got a similar but slightly different problem. I deleted all my imported lessons but am told I’ve still got 7. As far as I understand it, it refers to the German lessons I shared. I tried to delete them, too but the courses keep showing up and I get a message saying I can’t delete them because they’re in use. I changed the status to private but this didn’t help. I still think that LingQ is great but I’m going to move to Hungary and will exclusively learn Hungarian now, so I’d like to downgrade. Unfortunately Hungarian is no LingQ language yet. Hope you can help me to downgrade to a free account. Thanks.

@nuriayasmin70 - No problem, I’ve removed these lessons from your account so you should now be able to go in and downgrade successfully. Perhaps some day we’ll have Hungarian here on LingQ as well! :slight_smile:

Hey Alex,

thanks a lot so far. Yes it would be really great, if you could just delete them. Right now I’m just lacking the time to study with Lingq. But I guess I’ll use it again in the future.

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@jxano - OK, I’ve now removed your private imports so you should be good to go!


Thank you very much.