I just bought this book (linked) Any advice?

First Spanish Reader - a dual language book

How does one use these books?
Im probably not quite there yet for it, but I wanted it >.>

Ive already read the first story “El burro de buridan”

Which was interesting enough; when i read the English side. haha.

For those unaware of these books its basically a dual language book where
they print everything in one language on the left, and another language, on the right pages.
so basically pages 1-2 3-4 5-6 etc are all the same, but in 2 languages

But, not 100% on how one would use these books?
Id love to get through this and get the next from the same series “a second language reader”

Sorry if links arent allowed.

I have a dual language book for Italian and Czech and I try to read the Italian text and when I do not understand some words or phrases I have a look at Czech translation. It works quite well for me in this way.

How far along into your Italian before this worked for you?
Im not ready for it yet, as my understanding is near 0%
Just excited I guess and wondering how others are using these books.

well I started to read the book when I was learning Italian for about 4 months and yes it was not easy because it is not a graded reader but just normal selection of Italian modern writers. Now I take a break from reading it ( I read about half) and I want to continue later when my knowledge gets better thanks to using lingq.

Hmm, I think the one I have is Graduated.
It has only smaller stories, some only a paragraph long even.
Also, it only has easy verb tenses in the present form.

I think Ill wait till I get to about Inter 1 before I try
Thanks for your input.

You are welcome.