I have two problems

First problem: Whenever I work on my lessons while flying somewhere and using the signal wifi on the plane, every time I try to create a link, a little window pops up saying: “Server error: 502 - Bad Gateway.” I have to click on it to get rid of it. So if I make 59 links, I have to click on it 59 times.The same thing happened to me yesterday at my stepmother’s apartment. Shortly before you made improvements. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Second problem: After the improvements, I have been unable to link by choosing a hint that is given in the window and clicking . It only works when I type the words in myself. That has never happened before. I did clear everything.

Regarding your first problem, it could be that your internet connection is weak when this occurs. Do you notice it regularly or just ever once in a while? Also, what browser are you using when accessing the site?

Regarding your second problem, we seem to be having a few errors related to the Google Translate integration that we will work on fixing as soon as possible. When these issues are cleared up we will let you know.

Just a note, the second problem you were having should now be resolved. Be sure to refresh the page.

Thanks, Alex. I have always “Server error…” problems when I fly, but this time it happened in my stepmother’s apartment in Prague where I have never had any problems. Well, it seems to work normally now. It happened after you had made some improvements. Thanks again.