I have one or two questions

I’m a bit new to this place and just thought I’d ask a few questions.
1.) I’ve imported some lessons that include copyrighted works. I’m guessing it would be best to keep them private, correct?
2.) I personally like music and poetry, however is it “completely” useless for learning a language such as German? I don’t think I’ll stop reading/listening whatever the answer to the question is, I’m more interested in what the majority of my content should consist of.
3.) At what level can I use the open forum in german and not be a nuisance?
I’m sorry, that was more than two but, I thought of another while typing.

  1. Yes.
  2. You may have annoyed some people. Of course there is plenty of music and poetry in German and of course it wouldn’t be useless. You pick your own content whether imported or from lessons that providers have provided.
  3. Whenever you want; no one will get mad about that.

kcb has answered your question. I’ve to add to point 2 that it depend on the kind of music you listen to. There are songs with great lyrics and others have strange words and grammar. Songs can include not only slang, they can use words that offend people. So you have to figure out, if the language that is used is in the songs is adequate or not. Sometimes the intonation is not natural to make a word fit into the rhythm of the song.

But if you find songs with proper lyrics they can definitely help you. My daughter listen a lot to English music and she has picked up a lot of words with that.

P.S. You have to use other learning materials as well, otherwise your vocabulary would be quite limited.