I have a good idea for English leaners

Hey everybody …
I have a good idea for English leaners

we want to make a small group for practice by Skype or Yahoo … and we will decied how we are meeting according our free time.

please if you want to be a member in our group let me know

Hi Yousef,

Would you mind to tell us a little more about how would it work? For example, would be there a moderator? are the topics choosen previosly? and so on.


I would like to be a member that group, but I don´t speak English very well, I need to train, because next year I will travel to Canada.

I wait answer.


e-mail: kennytrindade@yahoo.com.br
msn: kennytrindade@hotmail.com
skype: kenny_carvalho

I would like to be a member your group too. I study English reсently and I need to train.
I will be glad to join your group.

My e-mail: kondus@merkury.ru


Oh, of course! I want to participate too.


i also would like to join.

skype: jam_quasar

I would like to join your group , I’m graduated from Faculty of Arts , English department . I can help you if you are interested :slight_smile:
Skype : newborn001

I would like to praticipate in your group. My English is not good and I really want to improve my English. I will be glad if everybody here can help me.
My skype: ngoctruong92
Nice to meet everybody.

I want to join in your group. My english is very bad, but I will try to learn it.
My mail: elenakircheva@abv.bg

hi everybody
i would like to join your group , because I need to train english
and if i find some help from you i can improve my english skills.
see u soon
my msn : madin320@hotmail.com
skype : madin320


I looking someone, who can speak or write with me in english. This group is good idea. Please add me to this group. My name is Irunas, my e-mail: irunas@gmail.com.

Can you add me, this is a great idea
gmail… julio.julioOliveira@gmail.com skype…julio527

why not? it’s a great idea…my speaking isn’t very well because i’ve never talk by skype but i’d like to try :slight_smile:
my e-mail szewczenko101@op.pl

How does it work if there are a lot of people who admit not to speak English very well? Is there a moderator who helps? Which experiences have group members made? Please tell us more about your group.

Yeah, I am also interested, but like Vera, I would like to know better how it works
It’s clear that it’s always better to talk to a native person, but from my experience, chatting with non-native people from time to time is a good way to practice your speaking and fluency.

I like it. I wanna join…

I like it. I wanna join…

Oh it’s good idea!I want to improve my English skills:) My skype:erika332

Hi comrads, add me too, please. Skype deo10valente
Thank you!