I have 1 billion Lingq's

I haven’t been studying on lingq for a long time. I wanted to check this platform again in last days and I saw that i have 1 billion lingq limit without premium.

Also my activity score is 8000 and i don’t know why. My apple icon is golden now. I think it is a bug

Checks how many Lingqs I have

Finds out I’ve Lingqed only 25902 words.

Why am I paying??

I didn’t mean to say I have 1 billion lingqs created. It’s my lingq limit. I’ve tried to edit the title but i couldn’t.

I believe this is quite exceptional but our tech people will find out. Meanwhile,l the more you LingQ the better you learn.

I believe this is just a temporary thing to compensate for the site being hacked and down for a few days. Last Tuesday, Mark Kaufmann (a co-founder) sent out an apology to users. Part of the message I received is below.

“To make up for the fact that LingQ has been down over the holidays, all accounts will enjoy free Premium access for the next week. We would like all of you who tried to use LingQ during this period to give us another chance and to enjoy unlimited LingQs and imports until January 12. To take advantage, just log in to your LingQ account.”

Hi Krose00,
This is not a bug. All accounts will enjoy free Premium access until January 12th. You are free to create as much LingQs as you want. :slight_smile:

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Oops, I forgot about that, and paying users got a discount for their next payment.