I had joined just as a new version 2.0 unveiled! I realize now that not everything was in place. A suggestion for less mousing?

I appreciate all the comments and was surprised that you do listen and try to help. It was very confusing and frustrating to not have clear instructions in the help page. When I went to the help page there was an old video tutorial of the old interface. I see now that a new one is on youtube. I understand better now.

Thank you for allowing for clicking out of the avatar. I know it is personal preference, and you want to make it “fun”, but the badge/avatar or whatever it’s called gives an initial impression that the site is lightweight. That it’s focus is more toward children and young adults? Does that make sense?

I still have questions though.

If I mistakenly click a word to yellow (lingQ), can I easily change it back to blue? It’s really easier than maybe is apparent to make that mistake for a newbie.

If I just want to hear an individual word when in blue (on the sidebar meanings page ) I can’t. I’m only allowed to on the LingQ page? I don’t want switch into yellow just to hear the word.

I would love to see the translation page either below the lesson or at least an individual button at the top, rather than in a drop down. When I look at a word I lose the translation page to the meanings page, and to get back to it, I have to go back to the top click to drop down and then make sure I click the small translation button rather than the button below it. Mark talked about less mousing in the youtube video, and that would cut down on mousing if you use the translation page. Perhaps it is again just personal preference, but I found it really took away from focusing on the lesson.

I know you have put a lot of work into this site, but hope you can understand why I felt the way I did from a new student to the site.


Not sure about the other questions, but I would dare to say that constantly looking at a translation is not the intent of the translation, and not a typical way to use the system. If you need to, open the translation in a second broswer tab and switch tabs using a keyboard shortcut, or drag the tab to a new window and it put it next to the first.


Not everything at LingQ appeals to every user. The Avatar/Badge is a case in point. I think that people who are not interested in them just ignore them after a while. One of the goals of badges, avatars and statistics/goals is to overcome the tendency of the distance learner to lose interest. I understand that for some people these things are a distraction, or simply unnecessary.

You can delete any yellow LingQ in the right hand Dashboard or in the pop up by clicking on x.

Text to speech works on both blue words and yellow words. At least it does for me. Are you having problems hearing TTS on blue words? Which browser are you in?

Some people like translations. However, since LingQ is based on the large scale and constant contribution of lesson content by members, it is quite impractical to expect translations for most of these lessons. Translations are the exception and exist essentially only for some beginner lessons.

My personal view is that relying on translations is not as effective as forcing yourself to stick to the lesson in the target language, picking your way through the meaning word by word, or phrase by phrase. If you re-read the lesson in the target language, and then listen to the lesson over and over, your brain will become accustomed to the language more quickly than if you move back and forth between the lesson and a translation. At first the lesson in the target language seems fuzzy and your understanding is not complete no matter how often you listen and read, however gradually you get used to it faster than relying on translation.

That is only my experience, and I recognize that others study differently but that is how our site is organized. I hope that you are able to take advantage of those features of LingQ that match your learning style.

I, for one, like little my avatar.

@2fluency - In addition to what others have said, to make a yellow word blue again, you have to delete that LingQ and then come back and highlight that word again. Text to speech on blue words is only available if you upgrade. Regarding the translation, I recommend doing things in stages. Go through and create your LingQs first. The second time through you can read side by side with the translation. After a while you will stop needing a translation and most lessons, in fact, do not have translations. Sorry for the confusion when you joined! We’re gradually getting things polished up.

Thank you Steve and Keke for the constructive comments in my previous thread. Spanish is the first language I have wanted to learn. I’m still learning what is the best way to study a language for it to be effective in memory retention. I need to be more patient and just listen to the Spanish audio rather than see the English meaning. I have noticed when listening to any Spanish conversation or music, I’ll hear a word or phrase I know and in my mind the focus is to immediately translate to English. I’m not sure how to get the mind to just understand in a Spanish-centric thoughtflow, rather than the extra step habit of needing to translate it into English in my mind.

I have a Chrome browser. I don’t see the audio icon for the individual word when I open the blue (meanings) screen. I do see it on the yellow lingQ screen.

I still don’t see the way to easily switch back to blue if I make a mistake. Now I just noticed 1 2 3 4 X on the lingQ yellow page. Is it the X (remove) that resets it back to blue? Other than that I don’t see a reset, and when I click the “X” it says I need a premium upgrade.


Hi Mark, Just saw your message after I posted mine. Thank you for the tips and instructions. Wow, on the helpful responses to questions in the forum on this site!

You didn’t indicate, but do I need to upgrade to premium to reset a yellow lingQ back to blue if I make a mistake?


There are certain features that are reserved for paying members, that means Basic and above. Text to speech on the Blue words is one such feature.

If X a word, you are saying that you know it, therefore it does not become blue. However, you can save it again by highlighting it or clicking on it, at any time in the future. However a blue word is a new word, and that word will never again be new for you on the system.

I wish there would be given more control about this, eg reviewing, editing, deleting the list of known or ignored words.


Could you explain exactly what you would like to do with these words?

Reviewing, checking whether I really know them

Changing the status to 1…4, adding translations

Deleting to New (blue)

@steve or mark…notwithstanding your views on the use of translations (personally I love listening in target while reading in native using literal translations, before ultimately just listening in target), is it possible for a user to add in translations in the study resources-translations area for the lessons we choose? Or is this an administrator only type feature?

I love the little notes tab on the lingq pane,Is there any way to get a notes tab on the study resources area? This way we could have a more personal global type of note or translation.

@rjtrudel - There is a Notes function for lessons, but this can only be added for your own lessons or for other users’ lessons if you are an editor. If you prefer to add notes to all your lessons then you may want to use the Import Bookmarklet to quickly import shared lessons into your own private collection of lessons where you can play around with them to your heart’s content :slight_smile:

If you want to make me an editor, I can add google translations of various spanish lessons.


“Reviewing, checking whether I really know them”
Changing the status to 1…4, adding translations
Deleting to New (blue)"

It seems to me that these learning functions are available right now except for returning words to blue. I don’t think we will add such a feature, although we did have a language reset button before. I don’t know the status of this in the new system but will find out.

While each person has their own way of studying, I am sure you can understand that we cannot add a function every time someone asks for one. In the end we have to decide how our system will work, and in which order we are going to implement improvements or changes, and what these will be.

@u50623- If you want to study, review, add translations for words, don’t make them known or ignored. If they are known and ignored and you want to learn them or review them, find them, highlight them and LingQ them.

@rjtrudel - I have given you editor access to Spanish now. If you do add Google Translations, please add a disclaimer at the top, “Machine translation by Google Translate” or something like that.

We have no plans to add a global note feature but we should maybe feature the lesson forum again, the link to which has been lost. Then, if your notes were of general interest, you could post them there for you and other members to access.