I got stuck

I was a member of the site some months ago, now I can’t open the lesson in this site, how can i keep working with this site in free, or I must pay money to continue. thanks in advance

Hi! What lessons are you having trouble opening? You should be able to open them even with a Free account, regardless of how long you’ve been using the site for.

alex. thanks a lot for your responding, when i click on the icons of any lesson in the library or the lesson i want to review, always appearing the barrier on the screen “internet can not open the site…” that i haven’t got it before with this site.


Hmm, that’s interesting. Try clicking on this lessons and let me know what happens: http://bit.ly/irpnfr

Also, can you take a screenshot of this error?

hello alex, I know it is a stupid question but it is my problem,please help me recently i can’t open the lesson.i sent you the screenshot: http://www.mediafire.com/?87a3wq59k2a30t2

Thank you for the screenshot. We will take a look at this issue and see what the problem might be.

@anejame - What version of Internet Explorer are you using? If you aren’t using the most recent version, we recommend you upgrade your browser first.

i learn english many years ago, but i still no speak english well, i dont what is the proplems .