I got badly triggered last night :-(

It’s just not okay!

I’m already trying to juggle Russian, Farsi, Mandarin (on hold right now) plus continuing upkeep in German and Italian. You could say I’m at saturation point.

So what happened last night? I was in an Indian restaurant - BIG mistake.

Almost the whole time, the waiters were speaking Hindi!

Damn! Why did they have to do that to me??

You guys already know the rest, right?

As soon as I got home I dusted off my old Linguaphone Hindi. At 1.00 am this morning I was still awake with it.

I love these languages. I love them!!

Maybe I’m gonna have to stop Russian for a while? Sigh.

I began studying this:

It’s insanity. I know. I am already trying to read Russian and Serbian every day and then I add another language. The nice thing is that I already know the alphabet. I just need to refresh it and the pronounciation rules.

Step by step, you seem to be tiptoeing into the vast oceanic array of available languages. Professor Alexander Argüelles had similar tendencies.

Even though it makes it hard to find the time to learn any one language in great detail, light to moderate knowledge of many languages is just another way to approach things. Breadth of languages can make us feel closer to people of both modern and ancient worlds: Latin, ancient Egyptian, Old Norse…

I wish to learn Irish Gaelic but wrestle with thoughts of not having enough time or energy or the practicality of it. I think this is to my loss.

I’m 15 and I speak Italian because i was born here, farsi because my parents are iranian and I also can speak french and spanish and of course English. Anyway, i’d like to move to US and so i have to improve my English, any tips?

It’s very hard to stay focused on one language and to maintain the ones you know but it’s probably the only way to reach fluency. Gotta fight that inner ADD or whatever that desire is to know everything.

By the way, when I read “triggered” that’s all I can think of :


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This is a great problem to have, and sadly a reason I decided to take the year off of learning new languages. I have, and as well as many others, the same problem with trying to tackle too many languages.

Last year I probably studied 5-8 languages, but only made significant progress in 1 or 2 of them, and it was all due to what you said. I end up studying languages, then something sparks interest in another so I pick it up and find it hard to put down.

Only way I’ve found to combat this is time management, and making sure your main focus is on one language, and then spend a smaller amount of time on the others each day.


Same thing happened to me today. I was surfing on Twitter, then I saw that.


I already want to learn Greek. I went to Youtube to listen to some Greek songs and saw that Steve decided to learn Greek and Hebrew.

No Greek, no! I can’t do that. I can’t cheat on Spanish. I love her. BUT You sound so beautiful.

It’s okay to look!

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I know it so well:) The temptation is always great. I crave for learning Italian, but I know that if I start now, I won’t be able to master Czech. I can’t really learn even two languages at a time, because it requires so much energy at a beginner stage. Not to mention that maintaining other languages (life-long process!) takes this energy as well.

There’s a trick that can let you pick up a new language without having to drop Russian. Here’s how I started looking at German:

Edit: And here are your lessons! Полиглот хинди за 16 часов. Уроки хинди с Петровым с нуля для начинающих, все видеоуроки бесплатные - YouTube

I am triggered by the fact that I dont have enough time to seriously put time into another language. I can at best do 2 languages at once, feels terrible man. Hopefully one day I will find time to start learning Russian

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Wow, that is a great series of videos!

“…Step by step, you seem to be tiptoeing into the vast oceanic array of available languages. Professor Alexander Argüelles had similar tendencies…”

I have a theory: it may be better for our linguistic health to concentrate on one language family?

In my case, I do find Indo-European languages (even the ones more remote from my native Germanic branch) to be much less stressful to learn!

Prof Arguelles has a much broader scope. As well as virtually every European language, he has very high Korean and Arabic (plus some Turkish, some Mandarin, etc.) I have nothing but admiration for the guy, but I’m certain it would totally blow my mind if I tried to follow that route! :slight_smile:

BTW This looks like a quite interesting Glossika-esque resource for Hindi-Urdu

wow! Looks like he did this in one sitting.