I finished the "Geting Started" section, course: "LinqQ 101" in French

Which course should I choose next? I will probably start “Who is she?” course, but I want to read your suggestions.

The LingQ courses for beginners are “Greetings and Goodbyes”, “Eating Out” and “Who is She?”, but “Who is She?” is not so easy. You can find other beginner lessons and courses in the LingQ library.

I would do the first lesson in each of the courses that mikebond suggested. Whichever you find to be more interesting is the one you should go with. Personally, I would choose “Eating Out” or “Who is She?” (again personally, I would actually choose “Who is She?”). You should be able to progress fine in either, I feel that the greetings and goodbyes courses, you can learn through other courses.

Thank you for recommendations! I think I will first complete “Who is She?” “Eating Out” and “Greetings and Goodbyes” courses. I will start with “Greetings and Goodbyes”, i think…

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I am currently doing “Who Is She” in Chinese, and it’s definitely not for Beginners. I would say: Intermediate 1 or even 2. In French, it may be easier.

In French, I would recommend Serge’s collections for Newbies:


In Romanian, Czech and Russian I relied heavily on Who is She and Eating Out. I also use other beginner material including the Patterns in Romanian. I wonder if we can get someone to translate and record these. On othe other hand there is a wealth of beginner content in French.

I would make Eating Out and Who is She my main course of study for a month or two, interspersing it with other easier beginner resources. Read the translations so that you are familiar with the content, that will make it easier. The difficulty curve in both Who is She and Eating Out is quite fast. But if you start to struggle go to easier beginner content just to vary the pace, and then return to these two.

You should also refer to grammar notes and tables from time to time. These can easily be found by googling “French grammar” or “French verbs” or “conjugate aller” etc…

Hah, that Nina who is mentioned in the first course is me. :smiley: Thank you, u50623! :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve, I’ll do it as you said, but firstly I will concentrate on “Greetings and Goodbyes”.