I don't understand

I don’t understand how the Spanish “ll” and “y” are read. Will you help me?

Well, I have learned some dialogues in Spanish on this site and I’ve heard those words that contain these letters. I just can’t catch the pronunciation.

Maybe you got confused because you heard it pronounced in different accents in different lessons.
In ARgentina, Uruguay… they pronunce it in a peculiar way, very different from the rest. And you thought there was a difference in the pronunciation between those two, but I guess it’s just that you heard it pronounced by people with different accents.
But it’s pronounced just about the same way both. The “ll” is pronounced a bit further away to the teeth, but it’s subtle.

Oh, maybe. Thank you, anyway.

close to the sound of ж in Russian but lighter.

isn’t that the case Yekaterina? I find it hard myself to spot any diference in the pronunciation between ll and y.

That’s why I thought that maybe you heard it pronounced once in the Spanish way and in some other lesson with an Argentinian accent.