I don't understand why it's all in French

I am wanting to learn French and while it’s great that the site is all in french even when i’ve chosen the english tab on the top bar. Im a beginner french learner and can’t seem to find the recordings. The ones i found were all in english, which is not so much help to me.

So can someone please let me know how to find the french lessons please.

many thanks Kayley

does it say french at the top of your screen?

Hi, Kayley,

Just choose the French tab. Afterwards, go to the Lessons tab, hover, then click the Library tab.

well that just about covers it Yvette but i think she needs to change the display language which is at the bottom of the page if i’m not mistaken. Click the one with the British flag.

Oh, and it should read French at the top of your screen like Watuboy is pointing out.

Yes, I think you’re right. And maybe go to account settings also?

Hi Kayley,

It seems you confused the settings when you signed up for LingQ. I see that you currently have both your native and interface language set to French, but you set your language of study to English. Simply head over to the settings page (http://www.lingq.com/accounts/settings/) and change the language settings all to English. The language you see at the top of your page is the language of study. You’ll want to change this to French as Yvette has suggested. Good luck!