I dont understand this site

I clicked on choose a lesson it shows me beginner spanish. I click on it and its some chick speaking spanish. How am I supposed to learn from this. I dont see a place where I read anything, theres no english to tell me what the words mean. I’m lost…

@Faith177 - The methods used on LingQ are a bit different from what you might be used to. I recommend starting with Tutorial View (found when viewing a lesson) and also by taking a look at the LingQ Academy (Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy). If you still have questions, be sure to post here on the forum!

You seem to have clicked on the soundfile of a lesson. If you open up from the blue link, you will find the printed text, the Tutorial View and more.
If you follow the blue link that Alex has put in his post, you will find lots to help you.
I have found LingQ an wonderful resource. Once you get the basic idea, just explore any material that interests you.
I wish you lots of success, and fun as you learn!