I don't understand the "Review LingQs" function

Every time I click on “Review LingQs (xxx)”, I only see “Session Complete / No more LingQs due for review today / SRS Review is just part of the review process. Most of your reviewing will take place in your lessons.”

If I then click on “Review Some more”, I see the some LingQs and can review them and change their status.

I don’t receive daily LingQs as I don’t find them valuable for my learning. I prefer to go thru the LingQs manually and reset the status manually.

Please explain how this works.

Hi vrwtwt,

To go through each LingQ manually, you can go to the vocabulary page: Login - LingQ

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Thanks Kiran,
I know this (old) feature. The question is: Why do you have now two REVIEW possibilities? Why did you create the new one? And why it always says “Session Complete / No more LingQs due for review today”?

Each LingQ is shown twice in a session. After that, the session is over. Any LingQs that you answer correctly twice, get moved up 1 status level. Once a LingQ has been viewed, it is removed from the SRS review pool of LingQs due for review. It is added back to the SRS pool based on its status - 1 (1 day), 2 (3 days), 3 (7 days), 4 (15, 30, 90 days), Known (never). Once you have viewed all LingQs in the SRS pool, you will have no more LingQs to review that day.