I don't understand the expression "speak your way to fluency"

Hello everybody!
I was reading this interesting lesson Login - LingQ
intitled “Can we speak our way to fluency?”. I had no problem with the article, but I have some difficulties understanding the meaning of this sentence and its structure.
I guess it means that you can’t get fluent in a language by only speaking the language, but I’m not really sure!

And also, can anyone make other examples of sentences with “[verb] your way to”.
I only heard the idiom: “find your way to”

Thanks in advance! :wink:

I’m sorry the link doesn’t work. Here it is:

work your way to success
fight your way to the top
earn your way

etc. This is a quite common pattern and means what you said it does, in the case of this article.

Just for your information:

If you want to provide a working link to a lesson, it is best to do that from within the lesson.

Go to the Resources tab, click on ‘Notes’ and then start a new thread. This will give us the direct link into your lesson.

Thank you Steve!

Thanks Sanne, I didn’t know that