I don't understand 'Sumbit Writing'

So I pick a lesson that I’ve been studying…then…am I expected to remember the whole lesson from memory? There is no sound to listen to the lesson to try and write it from? So am I expected to remember the whole lesson? O_O

You’re not expected to do anything except study the lesson any way you want, and IF you want - submit (any kind of) writing. It can be based on the lesson or anything else.

“Submit writing” is something you can do at any time, just to practice your writing skills. You can pick a topic based on the current lesson or one from a list of sample tasks. Or you can just write whatever you like. You could for example write a commentary on the lesson, your own views on the same topic, a summary in your own words - whatever it is you want to practice.

The writing then goes to a tutor for correction. You get a detailed report of any errors. You pay for that with your points.

I recommend trying with a short text. My first text was a basic introduction about myself. I was surprised at the detailed report and comments (especially as I got the comments on my Swedish text in Esperanto, which was a pleasant surprise!)

It is not dictation. Dictation (writing down what you hear spoken) is supported for words and maybe phrases in the vocabulary view.