I don't know how to put content when I creat courses


I am creating courses. And I don’t succed in put content on. Must I only write the name of the content? It is what I do thanks to a cut and paste to be sure to write it well and when I want to save it, it is written ERROR 505.

Please, help me!

You have to put the course number in. To learn how to find the course number, read this short thread:


You need to put a number in, not the name of the content.

Please look at the Tutors Forum and read the instructions that Mark sent you.

You can also check this video to see how to find the number that you need to put in to the Content area.


I watched this video. I tried to find the number but I saw nothing.

I get it !! Thanks!!

I have an other problem,
What is the difference between the individual course and course in group?
I choose individual course, and I can’t show the days and hours where I am available.
It is even written that there is no availability.

If you choose a group you need set the starting time and date and the system will create 4 lessons at the same time for the next 4 weeks.

If you choose individual the lessons will be taken from the one on one times that you will need to create in your calendar.

As has been pointed out before, the system does not allow a tutor to see her own times, this will be changed in the future.

An individual course means that all four conversations in the course will be 1 on 1 conversations. Group courses mean that conversations will be group conversations and therefore must be scheduled.