I don't any thing after trying

hello there,since i have signed up to this forum , i didn’t know what to do , until now … i have some questions:_
is this forum as any forum in the ?
i mean , since this forum is educational and effortful , so are there any requirements?

and where’s the homepage in this site ?
or to rest , is there a map to this site?

i have wrote this , but i don’t where it is.

so please help
and i’m grateful.

I’m not exactly sure what you are after. Yes, this is a forum. Feel free to post your questions and comment. It’s a small part of the website. If you have questions about the site, watch the Getting Started videos and go to the Help section. You can also post additional, more specific questions, here on the Forum.

Hi MHsamaha,
this forum has different parts, in each offered language one where you can get help in your native language.
I think this is an important point because in the learning language you are not really familiar.

The “Ask the Tutor” ist for asking questions where you have difficulties for understanding.
Only, you get answers from a tutor if you are a paying member. Otherwise there are other memebers they help if possible very often.

In English and German we have a “Chat” where we are writing about all what happen.
I think the writign is very helpful for learning too and therefore you have here the possibility to bring this writing to a tutor for correction (for this you have to pay points).

Take part in our forums, it is interesting to heare from others.

thanks ,mates

thank you for helping

Thanks, Irene for explaining to anyone that you only get answers in the “Ask the Tutor” forum if you are a paying member. This wasn’t so clear to me before. There is one thing which I don’t have and that’s extra money or credit cards. There lies my personal limit. So I have do my language learning without a tutor, but that’s not such a problem because I am a very experienced language learner. Fasulye

As Irene explained, all members can ask questions on all forums and any members can answer. But tutors are only required to answer questions from paying members.