I do not know why!

Hello my friends today I’m here just to talk about my very poor progress in the first month learning german.
I don’t know why, but, when I started learn english one year ago just in 1 month I was be able to read easily.

Maybe some people will say for me Lucas one month is too little time,I agree,I’m spendig 2 hours per-day listening and 1 hour reading,and my progress is very slow.
I’m using teachyourself german and I’m thinking that this book is doing my progress is very slow.
Am I doing something wrong?

What I’d like to know is - did you have absolutely no exposure to English before that 1 month? That’s something I find hard to believe. Most people in countries around the world are taught English to some degree, and there are other influences.

German is a whole lot tougher than English as regards grammar and sentence structure. Depending on the languages you already know, the vocabulary may also require a lot more active learning.

You just gotta hang in there buddy! :wink:

To paraphrase Albert Einstein: if it isn’t hard, it probably isn’t worth trying…

Hello Lucas! German is considerably more difficult than English (at least at the beginning), so it requires still more time and effort to learn it. But I’m sure, that you’ll make a discernible progress if you continue learning like that. Maybe you are also using a wrong course? What are your main interests? Possibly I - or someone else - will find something which could be more appropriate for you.

I just had english exposure on the internet , but never I sat down and told to myself now I’ll learn something in english.
I just bought this book because a lot of people told me about that, but I hated this book.
In the first chapter it’s about “hi,what your name” and the second chapter is about “how can I write that”.
Definitely this book is not well organized.
I enjoy somethings about language learning about trip,vocation,german culture, sports, useful things that I can learn and at the same time enjoy.

Hi, Lucas. As a matter of personal taste, I do not like the Teach Yourself series. I used TY for Italian and it was just a messy experience for me. Anyway, I highly recommend the book German: How to Speak and Write it . This is a wonderful primer and it is extremely well organized!

Also, check out the website www.dw-world.de/ Go to the section ==> German Courses. There are tons of audio and transcripts for leves A-C. It is quite extensive! If you explore the entire website you’ll come across so much more: news, videos, and the drama series Jojo. This is such a fun drama!


You can watch the complete series on YouTube with German subtitles: Deutsch lernen (B1/B2) | Jojo sucht das Glück – Staffel 1 Folge 1 - YouTube

My suggestion for textbooks of this sort is to just get the texts into LingQ. Go over them until you feel like moving on. There are a lot of different books with potentially interesting material.

Hello Lucas.

I want to encourage you also. I have been learning German for eleven months now. I have tried three books, including the one you showed on your video. They did not work for me either. I was so excited when I found LingQ.

I decided to try an experiment on myself and to use LingQ and no other method for two years. I started with simple lessons from beginner 1 level such as Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now! I linked every word that I did not understand easily.

I listened many times at first, usually reading at the same time. I also put the mp3 files on an i-pod and listened when I was walking. It was not long before I started to understand these lessons. When I became bored I used more lessons. I have spent quite a lot of time on learning this way but this time has been worth it! I now can understand lots of German, both spoken and written.

I suggest you try learning this way. Forget the grammar lessons in the books and just listen and read. Why not ask the same kind of questions as you have here in the Portuguese forum and ask other Portuguese speakers to tell you about their progress? I am sure you will find that others have similar experiences to mine.

Just use LingQ! This method works!

The trouble with the DW courses is that they use a lot of English. LingQ avoids that problem.

I am with rae68. There is a lot of nice begginer content here on Lingq. Vera and many others have made great job here. In my view there is no need to buy a textbook.