I can't use the audio

I’m trying to learn Japanese with animes, and one site I’m trying to use is Animelon. I can’t hear the audios, even in anime that have audio, like the anime Shirokuma Cafe. I import my lesson and the audio does not work.

In some cases it can take some time until the audio is imported. Can you take a look at the same imported lesson again and let me know if audio is there now?

Yes, i looked and it’s still not working.

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I am studying Japanese and use Animelon sometimes.

While some shows on Animelon DO work, I find others do not work with LingQ. I’ll ask the LingQ team if there is a fix.

The creators of Animelon have said they’re having a hard time continuing to operate. The site is free but the developers don’t have enough time or resources to continue to maintain the website. So please be aware, the site may be slow, may not even be around much longer!

I would suggest checking www.anisub.tv This site works better with LingQ.

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Hello! Thank you very much for comment and the suggestion!

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No problem. I also see you’re in my Japanese group - you can now check out the group and in there, some Shirokuma episodes exist. :slight_smile:

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