I can't submit my writing either

And I have enough points… It says I have 642 available and the essay requires 639. I don’t see the problem, and I don’t have a paid membership, so buying more points is not an option. y qué hago ahora?

My point is that the counter on the submit writing page is not exact. So, your calculations are not correct. When the writing is submitted the text is counted again on the server and that is when your writing is rejected.

Delete 10 words and submit it again. It should be fine. You can also buy more points even as a Free member.

Ok. Thanks.

on this subject, i keep getting a server error page whenever i attempt to submit a writing. what’s up?

i keep getting a server error page whenever i submit a writing. can i fix this?

Hi nomadiclectic, there is a bug when you try to submit writing and don’t have enough points. We are working to fix it but, in the meantime, please take off 10 words and try again. Or, go buy more points and come back and submit again. Even if the counter on the page shows that you have enough points, it is not 100% accurate so you will have to delete words or add points. Sorry about that.

It is a “feature” of lingQ that error messages are often not helpful. Usually you get an error if you try to either pay for something you don’t have the points for, or if you try and upload content that is too long or in the wrong format.

thanks for the help. i took off some words and was finally able to send it – although i didn’t think i’d have any problems with that before as i had just bought 1000 points and was writing for the first time. i’ll try to be more careful about character limits in any case. again, thank you.