I can't share new lessons

I admit that a new version of Lingq is more visual. But it’s now very difficult to share new lessons and podcasts. I tried to share a new podcast and I couldn’t - it takes now a lot of time and by adding all tags the system needs an image though it was an image in the course - I added a new image (picture) but the podcast wasn’t shared as well. Where can I have an instruction how to add new lessons?
And the second problem - it is now too long to repeat new words: before I could see 4 versions and choose one of them. But now I have to roll before choosing a correct word. It takes a lot of time, so I will be forced not to repeat new words now!


Hi evgueny, what exactly is the error you get when you try to share a lesson?

requirements for sharing a lesson are: title, image, level, accent if any, two tags, audio file

I could understand how to add and share my lessons and podcasts before: Firstly, I had to choose the course, then add the text and the title, chose the level and add the audio file. Finally, I had to add 2-3 tags and an image (but mostly I couldn’t add the new image because the same image was for the whole course).
After that I could share my lesson.
I tried to make the same today twice - 2 Russian podcasts ( 7 правил русского языка; Плёс на Волге)- but I’ve failed. I could add the text and the title but I couldn’t connect the texts with the chosen courses.
I could add the audio file and the tags, but when I pressed ‘save and generate lesson’ the inscription appeared: ‘you have to add an image’.
There were the general images to both courses before, but I added a new image as required - and repeat an attempt to save and generate a lesson - without any success!
I can’t understand what I made incorrectly and how to do it now.
By the way, where is the last line: shared by…
Copyright wasn’t cancelled as I know.

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Hi Evgueny,

The “shared by” part appears in both the course view (with your username and profile picture) and in the lesson info popup (accessible through the 3 dots at the top right when inside the lesson).

There seems to be an issue with setting a lesson to shared before it has been Generated. For now, I suggest generating the lesson without sharing it, and then setting it to shared afterwards. It should work successfully.