I can't pay

I want to pay and upgrade but can not pay !!
When I press the button 10§ per month or whatever for 6 months or stuffs like that, page never load into another session. It just stops there, loading forever…

Is this the same result with each of these browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome?

At Chrome. And I tried to pay with my i phone, and they keep saying my postcode is wrong but it is right! Eh… It’s getting frustrating. I can’t believe I can not PAY! :slight_smile:

Hi Vincent,
I am sorry to hear that you are not able to upgrade your LingQ account. What exactly happen when you click on the blue “Upgrade Now” button on this page: Login - LingQ ?
I’ve just checked it and it seems that everything is working fine. Can you please try again? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the reply. When I click the blue button “Upgrade Now”, some white blank appears and “loading” sign is going on forever… I’m trying all day. :frowning: Maybe I will try another computer tomorrow.

Hi vincentham,
Have you tried again? Can you please try with another browser to check if that will help? I am using Google Chrome too and everything works fine for me, so maybe you can also try to clear your browser’s cache.