I can't now import my lessons

Today I couldn’t import my new lessons because some mark “T” had appeared in the field where must be text and it blocks now the transfer of the lesson of my Word document to this field.
I am not a computer master.
Why all ‘improvements’ demands of us as learners and as tutors more and more computer knowledge???
This way you can lose a lot of people who liked old easy versions of Lingq.com and who understand less and less due to all these modificatuiions!..
And again the question:
How can I now paste my lessons when this new program blocks my transfer?

After I’d lost 30 Minutes I could import my one lesson.
For this time before I could import 5 lessons.
These intermediate programs that appeared now like ‘seg’/…, ’ cdujs.cloudfare’ apply the brake and nothing more.
And I know English quite well, but I don’t understand this warning:
‘Paste is now in plain text mode. Contents will now be pasted as plain text until you toggle this option off’
How can I toggle off this option? What kind of option is it?
For me it is how we say in Russian ‘a chinese knowledge’ (китайская грамота)

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Did you type your lessons into a document program on your computer?

Thanks, I’ve done it using the method of ‘pressing’ different buttons (we say in Russian: “методом тыка”).
However, the lost of simplicity of our site can frighten a lot of possible members.
I’m not against the improvements, but the must be done without the exessive complication.

@evgueny40 - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! The only thing that’s changed is the Text field on the Import Lesson page now displays pasted text as plain text. Previously it would preserve the formatting when pasting the text in then change it after saving, so now it just puts the text only.

By default this option is on, though if you want text to be pasted with its standard formatting then you can turn it off. Let us know if you have any other questions about this or run into any other issues!

It was announced that new languages will be added when they have reached these limits:

It is considered Chinese is a very difficult language, that’s why we say ‘it’s a Chinese knowledge’ if something is too difficult to understand.
I’ve heard that there’s an expression in English ‘like a Greek to me’ in the same sense.

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