I cant log in on iphone

I cant log in on iphone.
After having tried several times I just get an Invalid username/password message.
even on Safari browser.
I am using iOS 7.0.2 on 4G. need some help!

@Bluemurder - Have you been able to log in successfully in the past? Be sure that you are typing your username and password in using the correct capitalization.

@alex Yeah I could have been able to log in. This happened 5 days ago and I’ve tried over 50 times. Just in case, I even tried to copy my password and pasted it on password blank but not been valid. And re-installed many times… Can you get any idea from developer?

@alex I dealt with this issue by backing up my Iphone.
weird~ log in problem only happened to LingQ app and safari browser.

@Bluemurder - Do you mean that you’ve now been able to log in successfully?

@alex Not exactly, I just recovered my phone logged in. supposed that this happened due to overflowed cache and unstable iphone iOS, so that it didn’t even allowed me to sign in.

@Bluemurder - OK, sounds good. Glad you got it figured out. If you do run into any other issues let us know!