I can't listen a text already done

I’m new on lingq.
So before starting to learn a language, I try the site to understand how it works.
So I started the japanese lesson for beginner 1 to 3 but didn’t learn them.
Now I want to start to study but I can’t listen the text. It doesn’t work.
How may I do


Hi legeanaute,

the translations are not yet finished perhaps I can help you a little.

Go to the language you want to learn and there in the Store (second card). Look for an interested item and take it on the WorkDesk - perhaps Beginners or Easy Lerners.
Now you can read and listen to. Higlight the words you want to learn and save these with sentences. If possible do not highlight a single word, take 2-3 words from the sentence and save the correct full sentence.
Download the item on your MP3 player and listen to more often - the same item again and again.

This is how to use the system on the beginning.

Good luck!
Review the saved words in the item with flashcard.
Then listen to again.

Hi Irene777,

Thanks for your advice

What doesn’t work? Have you opened a content item in Workdesk? You can listen to the audio here or you can download the audio file onto an mp3 player. Please have a look at my screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/yoIgS2NS.


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