I can't import audios and pics

Hi! I have created a collection but even though I have no problem saving each items, I can’t upload audios and pictures. I have got a 500 Error.

Hi Marianne,
this error can happen if the name includes characters that are not usual in English.
Also it could happen if the name is too long.
I hope this helps.

Hi Vera! Thanks, but sadly it doesn’t help :frowning:

Hi Marianne, I just got the same problem when uploading the audio file for a new lesson: “500 - Server error”

And I don’t receive e-mail alerts… It seems we again exceed space limit.

This problem should now be resolved. Sorry about that. It was the space limit again.

It works perfectly now! Thanks :slight_smile:

Usually there was a message after the import was done and after the lesson was shared. I don’t receive these messages any longer.

I still see these messages. Is anyone else not seeing the green success messages at the top of the page when importing and sharing?

I see them too. I just uploaded two lessons this morning.

Now it works for me too.