I cant Create Lingqs with the new System

When I click save to a new Lingq, appears that I must refill " Pista and phrase ", With the “Phrase” I can fill it, but when I click in “Pista” appears me: " Not User Hints available for this term ", for which I cannot save the new lingqs … also I have problems with the dictionaries, I dont know if it is a bug but I cannot save the new words that I want to turn them in lingqs … I wait an answer


I have not seen this problem. Has anyone else? Alex, any ideas? What is the browser?

You might try refreshing the page a few times, that seemed to fix a few initial problems that I had.

Hi Carlos,

Can you give a few more details about what browser you are in, what dictionary you are using and whether it’s an issue for all languages or just one?

As Steve says, you might want to try refreshing the page or clearing your cache/cookies to see if that helps. In the meantime, we’ll be sure to look into this.