I can't contact my tutor

I signed up for a lesson, but my tutor wrote in Skpe message just before twenty minutes of the lesson
" I am sorry but I just realized that you signed up earlier than usual.
I have a private student at that time. Can you speak at our usual time? "
So I answered Yes and waited for her call at our usual time, but she didn’t call me.
I wrote in Skpe " I 've given up talking with you today. Talk to you at the usual time next week. "
However she didn’t call me again at usual time nor left any message. I wrote her to give me any message because I have no way to contact her. At least, I want to have my point refunded .
How should I do?
Was there any similar case before?

Write on her profile here on LingQ, not on Skype. That is more reliable. I for myself open Skype only when I have a conversation.

PS. You are right. The easiest way is to refund the points, and sign up again.

@TG_Nao - If you continue to have problems with a tutor, just email us at support and we will help you out with a refund.

Thank you very much for your replying. I had no idea about using profile on LingQ. First I 'll write there. In case that I don’t receive any answer, I 'll ask the support for refund.