I can't click on some words to create lingqs or look up words

I import articles all the time. but for some reason the things i import have one problem. about every 10 or 20 characters there is a character that is not clickable. Has others come across this? is there a way to fix it?



I’ve had the same problem on the android app but not on the website. Changing the text size to small fixed the problem for me, but it’s not ideal.

Can you send links to the lessons causing these problems and tell us which platform you are on? Please email us at support at lingq dot com.

Hi I have done as you have suggested and i have emailed my problem. This was about 2 weeks ago. I got an automatic message saying “We’ll be with you shortly!” but since then nothing else.

Hi Jason,
Strange, I can’t find any received email from you, at least not from your LingQ email. Can you please send it again and I’ll look into it right away? Thanks!

Ok I will do. Thanks.
I’ve just sent it.