I can't cancel my account. I lost my job to Covid. Please help!

I tried cancelling my account because I no longer have an income due to Covid-19. It says that before I can cancel, I have to downgrade. When I tried downgrading, it said I had to have fewer than 5 imported files. I deleted all of my imported files…but I still couldn’t cancel. Please help! This has been a nightmare.

Hi, trojanrob24!

Sorry to hear that!

  1. This should do the job:
    "On the subscriptions page, under your subscription level there is a black “Dowgrade to Free” button where you can cancel your subscription: Login - LingQ " (@zoran)
    If you log out of the system and log in again, your account should be set to “free” (just in case LingQ is a bit sluggish).

  2. If that doesn’t work, contact LingQ support directly.
    Zoran in particular is very helpful with this problem!

Good luck


@trojanrob24 I checked your account, all good. Your subscription has been cancelled and your account will drop to Free level tomorrow, after your current paid period expire.

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Hi Zoran
I’m Jaq13. I’ve tried to cancel also my account because of private issues. But it doesn’t work, I can’t downgrade to free. Please could you help me. Thanks for your help.

@Jaq13 All good, you did cancelled successfully and your account will drop to Free level on January 12.

Thank you very much for your help. I wish you a successful year and all the best:)
Take care and keep safe!