I can't became a tutor

I have a simple problem. When I try to select my languages in the configurations page something happens and I can’t save the modifications. Does anybody know what is happening?

Ah, look. I’m using Windows 7 and I tried with Firefox and Chrome.

Sorry about that! In order to be a tutor, you need to add a profile picture and fill out your Bio. Once you do these, you’ll be able to set yourself up to tutor.

I’m not sure why the error message doesn’t show up anymore, but we hope to have it fixed soon.

Sorry, I don’t know who but I finally changed my configurations.

Now must I only wait to a text to correct? I need to earn points to submit my own texts!

*I don’t know HOW =)

You can try posting on the forum or letting people know by posting on their walls.

By the way, you can earn a free 500 points by completing the 4 steps in the Getting Started shelf of the Library :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll do that.

Thanks a lot for the help!