I cannot upload pictures on import pages

Now I cannot import pictures on import pages.
After choosing a picture, I saw the following screen.

And as soon as I clicked “Finish”, I saw the following error message.

This is a minor issue but I hope that LingQ staff will fix it soon.

The same with me, but someone told me that it was impossible to import the pictures, only the text; and I accepted the situation…

@Shigeharu - What was the format of the picture that you uploaded? Would you be able to email me that image file so I can give this a try?

@alex- Thank you very much. The format of the picture is “JPG” . I will email you this image file now.

Thanks, I didn’t seem to have any problems in uploading these files to the site. Which browser did you try this in, and does it work in any other browser for you?

I tried it in Firefox 15.0.1 and Google Chrome, but it didn’t work.

On Internet Explorer 9, I successfully uploaded pictures. I don’t know why it didn’t work with Firefox and Chrome.

Strange, as I don’t seem to be having the same problem in Firefox or Chrome. Glad to hear that it worked for IE9 though. If anyone else experiences this problem, let me know!