I cannot open audio files in Portuguese

As stated in the title audio in Portuguese isn’t working. Hitting the play button results in no reaction and I also tried downloading the MP3 files but receive an error message telling me the file cannot be found. If I add the lesson to my playlist it jumps right over it and plays every other audio just not the new one, but lately the add to playlist option is also gone. Other languages work fine though I tried several courses in Portuguese and the mistake persists

Hi Safran, strange, I can’t reproduce that issue.
Can you please post a link to one of courses in which audio doesn’t work for you? Thanks!

Artista de rua and escriba cafe. No audio is displayed to add to the playlist and if I hit play nothing happens. I thought they were podcasts…

I am sorry but I am unable to find that lesson in the library. Can you please send me a link of it to support(at)lingq.com ? Thanks!

I saw you message. You are from Germany and study Portuguese. I’m from Brasil and trying to learn German. I can help you to learn portuguese and you can help with German. What do you think?

Those are the courses, but I figured that there seems to be no audio at all in them (so it might not be a mistake after all), other lessons work fine, so never mind, I will just read them and listen to other stuff like podcasts (I thought they were podcasts, but obviously I was mistaken)
Thanks anyways, have a nice rest of the week!

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Maybe in the future, yes. At the moment I am pretty unable to say anything in Portuguese :wink:

I’ve been studying German for a few time, so I am unable to say anything too, but we have to start once!
I’m waiting for my husband’s visa to move to Germany (probably I’ll move next month). We can start talking about little things and then improving the conversation… Think about it!
This is my e-mail: re.cris.teixeira@gmail.com.br
Send me a message by e-mail if you want to try something and I’ll give you my whattApp number.