I cannot import in my intended language

I tried to import this vide in English: https://youtu.be/_FGUkxn5kZQ?si=gFxwEk2WaF91ssaw
But it was imported in another language even though I set my language English at my initial page.

I tried to import your video using the extension, checked English, a course and clicked the button import. It went on the english lessons, so no clue on what happened on your side.

UPDATE: I could open the lesson and indeed it imported the spanish subtitles, is it the same for you?

Are you sure you selected English in the extension during importing?

Yes that’s the same for me! I tried again, but it doesn’t work🥺

I’m mot sure what is the extension is,…but I’m trying it on my iPhone app. It this the cause?

I think the problem is that the video has 2 subtitles options (3 if you include the autogenerated ones too), English and Spanish.
When importing you can only choose the destination on LingQ, but not which one between the two subtitles.