I cannot figure out how to create new lingq's in the android app


I just upgraded to a premium account and installed the android app on my nexus 7. Reviewing old lessons and lingq’s works great, but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the central feature, creating lingq’s. Please help. Thanks!

@skiggety - LingQ creation is not available through the app at this time, so you will need to visit the site directly in order to save LingQs on your device. That being said, we hope to someday enable this functionality on the app.

It would be really nice to have that functionality, otherwise the app is only for review.

Yes, ausgang, its only for review now. It would be great if many of the site’s features were to be available in the app

We are continuing to improve the apps. We are planning on adding the capability to create LingQs and choose lessons from the app. Stay tuned!