I cannot edit my Flashcards at all now

Hi LingQ staffs.
I am not sure whether this problem is just for me or for other members as well, though every time I push an edit button in order to try to edit my Flashcards, just a message “Opening LingQ…” keeps appearing and I cannot do anything after that. If I push the key F5 then, Flashcards start from the beginning. In other words I cannot edit my Flashcards at all now. This problem didn’t resolve no matter how many times I pressed the F5 button. I think this problem appeared after the recent update. Please check whether this problem exists. Thanks in advance.

Yes, this happens for me also when reviewing flashcards, then trying to edit.

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look at this and see what the problem might be.

Thank you for your patience. This should now be working correctly. Let us know if you continue to experience any errors.

Hi Alex. Wow, what a quick fix!
Now this problem has been resolved. Now I can edit my Flashcards while reviewing them. Thank you very much.