I cannot create lingqs

Excuse me, but I cannot create lingqs on “My Lessons page”. This started to occur to me yesterday all of a sudden. Dictionary functions are not working either. I am using Safari on Mac.

Thank you in advance.

I am now using Safari on Mac. Have you read the following information?


Not yet. My Mac version is 10.6.4. Do you think I need to download the latest version to solve the problems that I have? ( LingQ was working well until yesterday on my Mac. )

Anyway I will do download the latest version. Thank you for your information.

Yesterday I read the following tweet by @astamoore, and upgraded the system.
“Mac OS 10.6.5 is out: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4250 #apple

After that, I tried to use the new function called “Import Bookmarklet,” and could create so-called lingQs.

I have checked whether lingQing, so called, can work, and there has been no problem in my case.

I downloaded the latest and…
Oh, yes!! I can do everything very smoothly( saku saku in Japanese )!!
Thank you very much for your advice .

The odd thing is that I could use Bookmarklet and create lingqs even before installing the latest version. For some reason, everything went wrong today.

I don’t know much about a computer, but maybe even the slightest change could have an impact on anything.

Thank you, again.

For those of you who can’t create LingQs, that was happening to me this morning as well but as soon as I cleared my browser cache or clicked refresh a few times, it all cleared up. Everything is working fine once you do this.


Now everything is working perfectly on my Mac. Thank you for your advice.

I can`t create Lingqs. The page no functions. only the quick Lingq is active.Yesterday it was the same problem.All the blue and yellow words are static .it is no window open.

I have the same problem as Jolanda.

I don’t have the problem, but the whole site is very slow now (1 minute or so for a new page…).

What are web search robots, and how do they affect me?
"While their[search robots’] speed and efficiency make them very appealing to the managers of search engines, search robots, especially poorly constructed ones, can overwhelm some servers. Administrators can exclude or limit robot access by placing robots.txt files on their servers that outline how their sites are to be accessed. " Web search robots Web search robots

I don’t know if the above description is related to the problem.

I quoted the following description elsewhere on the forums.

"Your forum relies on bandwidth, and reliable hosting. But what happens when unruly spiders[search robots] get loose upon your forums? Your bandwidth can seep away slowly, being lost to the searching spiders, your security and privacy could also seep away. "
How to build a Helpful & Working robots.txt Articles, Interviews & Tutorials - AdminFusion

Although the LingQ forums became open to both anyone and any search robot on the Internet, I wonder if the system is still under beta test.

Don’t click the following URL.

We are constantly working to improve LingQ, both functionality and performance. This sometimes requires changes that will optimize many of the functions and queries on our data base. These processes go on in the background, and can sometimes cause a little bumpiness and slowness. This has been the case in the last few days.

It is a bit like the magnificent highways I am driving on in Italy and which get me to my destination much faster than the old roads. Sometimes certain lanes are shut down for repairs and we have only single lanes. This slows us down for a while, but leads to smoother driving in the long run.

We are innovating at LingQ, exploring new ways to learn, and to bring people together. We do not have the resources of google or Microsoft, but we are going to reach our destination nevertheless. Your patience is appreciated.

LingQing should be working properly now by the way. We are still working on the flashcard issue.

It does! (Although at first it didn’t - I had to clear the cache thoroughly, it’s so easy to forget it). Thank you.

@ Mark

We have finally fixed the flashcard issue that some of you were having. We have also fixed the problems with Quick LingQing for imported lessons. Everything should now be working properly on the site. Thanks for your patience!