I cannot create a course

I have started creating a Course in the French library, but when I click on “Save” after adding some lessons, all the links I had inserted disappear. What’s the problem?
Thanks to anyone who can give me an explanation,

Hi Michele,

Are you clicking the “Save” above the lessons or the “Save” below the lessons? The one at the top saves the details about the Course (the image, title and description) while the one at the bottom saves the contents.

Alex, I am likely to have clicked on the wrong Save, as I may not have noticed the latter. You could specify “Save info” vs “Save lessons”…
However now I don’t see the course information either (title, description and image).

We’ll see what we can do to distinguish these two buttons. Regarding the course information, it should be visible from within the Import Course section. What do you mean when you say you’re unable to see it?
If you’re having trouble finding courses that you already created, make sure to click on “Courses” underneath the “View” section on the right hand side of the Import page.

That was, of course, me under the guise of LingQ_Support where I successfully imported a course into Portuguese. I didn’t come across any issue in viewing the course information, so any more detail on that would be most appreciated.

What I allways do is to save title and description. After that I add the picture. Long time ago I run into problems adding collections when I try to add all of this in one batch.

Everything is ok now. I was clicking on the wrong “Save” yesterday.