I cannot cancel a conversation someone signed up for

It seems that the button for cancelling conversations has disappeared. Has this problem been reported? I couldn’t find anything in the forum.
I can see the link "Cancel participation’ in a group conversation I signed up for and also a 1 on 1. But I don’t see the button where it says “Change/Cancel conversation”.

What page are you on when trying to cancel the conversation? I took a look and it seems to be working properly.

My student has already cancelled. I was on the page that you get to when you open “Conversation Details” either from the Welcome page or in the Speak section. At the bottom there are 2 buttons (Aktualisieren/Update and Abbrechen/Escape) - I think there used to be a Löschen/Delete or Cancel (?) button that allowed me to cancel a conversation at any time myself as the tutor. Now I have this choice only for the conversations I’m signed up for (Teilnahme löschen/Cancel participation).

It says Edit/Cancel with an English interface. Then Update/Cancel - I don’t want to click on Cancel, maybe the conversation is cancelled then, but in German it says Abbrechen - like Escape, and there used to be the word Löschen meaning Delete or Cancel a conversation.

Ah, it appears this is only the case for conversations made through the Request Conversation feature. We’ll look at getting this fixed soon!

In taking another look at it, it appears this issue is related to the translation. Clicking on “Abbrechen” will cancel the conversation. In the meantime, I’ve changed the translation back to “Löschen”, so it will be changed back when the translations are next updated.

Thank you, that seems to do it. Yesterday I mistakenly offered a group conversation in English insteád of in German and wanted to cancel it. I clicked on “Abbrechen” and it was cancelled :slight_smile:

I guess the confusion resulted in the translation tool and in the use of the word “cancel”. “Cancel” can mean both: delete or interrupting a process (like the function “escape”).

As a software developer I often come across this word in the meaning of “escape” and not in the meaning of “delete”.

In the translation tool I see only the word, and I’m often not sure where it appears on the website.

I guess I translated it earlier with “Löschen” but than there was a confusion on the forum page. Some time ago, Jolanda wrote me an email. If you edit a forums post, you’ll see “cancel” as well. But in this case it means “stop without changes” and not “delete” the post. So I’ve changed the translation because I wasn’t aware of the use of this translation on other pages of the website.

So LingQ has to be more clearly in which context they use “cancel” and “delete”. If you change the translation it will affect the forum translation and it will be wrong in that case! It is common sense in the develops world to use “cancel” in the meaning of “escape”.

Just to bring this to attention :wink:

Glad to hear it, Reinhard :slight_smile:

Thanks for detailed explanation of this issue, Vera. We’ll see what we can do to address this.

For the most part Cancel means to close or escape as you say Vera. It is just in the one instance on the Conversation Details page where there is a Cancel button which means something different. Therefore, we will change that button to read “Cancel Conversation” to remove any confusion.

Thank you Mark. Otherwise there would be no way to translate it properly. That seems to be the best solution.