I cannot buy extra points

I cannot buy extra points. The system responds with “500 - Server error” if I click the “Buy points now” button.

Hi Yutaka,

Sorry about that. We are trying to fix that now. In the meantime, your payments did, in fact, go through. So, I have added your points from your first payment and refunded the second payment.

Thank you.

I cannot buy estra points, either. When I tried to buy extra points, the error message was shown.


Everyone is asleep in Canada right now but I know that Mark will be on this problem when he wakes up. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your concern. I’ll wait for Mark’s reply.

Hi Naomi,

There is a problem right now with the points system. It will be fixed today. Your transactions did, in fact, go through but you didn’t receive your points. I have manually added 1000 points to your account and will refund the other transactions shortly. Sorry about that.


Thank you for your help. I confirmed that 1000 points are added to my account.

Naomi and Yutaka,

These problems should be fixed now. Of course, please tell us right away if you encounter any problems like this again. Sorry about that.

In the “Transaction History” section of the “Account” page, there is no description about the transaction on October 24, although a line on the “Buy points” page reads “Balance adjustment by mark.” Is it all right?

Yes, Yutaka, it’s fine. Your payment went through but the error prevented our system from registering it. Therefore, I updated your points manually.