I cannot add a photo to my profile

Hi. I have this issue here: I cannot add a photo to my profile. Everytime I try to do so, the page freezes over and I can do no more. What can I do to solve that matter? Thanks a lot in advance.

@AI3 - That’s too bad. Can you tell us what browser and operating system you are using?

Yes of course. Browser: internet explorer 8. OS: windows XP.

@AI3 - There are a few problems in Internet explorer at the moment including the image upload feature. If you can try using another browser like Firefox or Chrome, your experience will be much better and you will be able to upload an image for your profile. Otherwise, we are working on the IE issues and hope to have them resolved in the next week.

Ok, thanks a lot.

@AI3 - The picture uploader should now be working in Internet Explorer. Thanks for letting us know about that issue.

Yeah, it’s ok now. Thanks a lot.

It’s OK with IE, but not with Chrome.
So do you recommend IE to be the most suitable for LingQ now? I thought you were supporting Chrome more.

@Daisuke - It should be fine with Chrome. I just tested it again and it works for me. You may want to refresh your browser to clear the cache. Chrome’s cache seems to be quite “sticky”. If it still doesn’t work, let us know what is happening.