I can not write a conversation report

Dear support team,

After having clicked “conversation report”, I saw the page that indicated “Nobody signed up for this conversation”.
I think that it’s strange, because my student said to me that he signed up for today’s conversation and I can find today’s reservation on my conversation page.
Could you check up my conversation page, please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi dillemme,

I checked into this and it looks like you were able to submit the conversation report. Let us know if you’re still having problems with this!

I am still having problems with this.

I see it was for a different conversation scheduled for the 8th, but it doesn’t appear in our system. Can you send us a screenshot of your Speak page?

I have already sent a screenshot of my Skpeak page to the following e mail address. Please check up my e-mail.
support @ lingq.com

So I looked a bit more into this, and it doesn’t appear the student was charged for any conversation at this time. I’m not sure why this happened, as the conversation doesn’t appear on our end. The best option would be to have the student sign up for another conversation with you (or request a conversation) so that you can then mark it as completed and send a report there. There doesn’t seem to be any way to correct the problem since there doesn’t seem to have been any conversation that took place.

As I found his reservation on my Conversation page, I talked with him on Skype today. Would you check up next week’s reservations, please? I still have two reservations; one for Saturday, one for Wednesday, on my Speak page, right?

I only see one the one for Saturday. When you click on the one for Wednesday, does it also show there being no participants?

It shows there being no participants. In this case, what will I have to do on Wednesday?

OK, thanks for all the info. We’ll look into it and see if we can figure out why this is happening.

For now, since the conversation on Wednesday hasn’t been paid for you don’t need to have the conversation.

Thank you for your help.

@dillemme - I also suggest you communicate with Chris on his wall to make sure he has, in fact, signed up. It looks like you have created some conversations for Chris but if he hasn’t actually signed up for them, he will not be charged, you will not be paid and you won’t be able to write a report. He has to go to those conversations and click to sign up.

Yes, I will communicate with him on his wall. But this time, maybe I have to say this is my mistake. I should have not made a group discussion for one person. Next time I will make only on on one conversation if someone sends me a request.

@dillemme - If you get a conversation request, you need to click on that request on the Speak page and then click on the Accept button in the popup that appears. This will create a new event for this request automatically.

Thank you for this information, mark.
Chris does not send a conversation request, but always writes a message about opening new conversations on my wall. Anyway this is a very useful information, thanks.