I can not import any article for study

There is no section for me to import anything. I try few explorers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox on my computer, but the same error.
I have take screen shot of my desktop, please check the link below:


What is wrong and how can I do?
Thank you very much.

I don’t know what the Chinese text says, but the left link usually is “Import lesson” and the right “Import collection”. What happens if you click either of them?

Thank you for replying. I solve the problems now, but I think maybe there is some bugs in Chinese version.
This is what will display after i click ‘Import Lesson’ or ‘Import Collection’ when ‘Native Language’ is English in ‘Setting’

Below is what display when I click ‘Import Lesson’ or ‘Import Collection’ when Setting is Chinese.(The Chinese on the page means the same as English version, But THERE IS NO CONTINUE BUTTON ON IT.)

Thanks omom2002. There is a bug there in the translation. We will fix that as soon as possible.

That problem is fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

You are welcome.